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The Importance of Road Safety

In today’s world, road safety is more important than ever. With an increasing population in the United States, the roads have only grown more crowded. Heavier traffic leads to a higher percentage and likelihood of accidents occurring. Around the world, more than 1.3 million people die every year in a car crash while another 50 million people are injured or disabled from crashes. In fact, car crashes are the 9th leading cause of death in the world. How can we reduce these numbers? Well, road safety falls in the hands of both state and federal leaders, as well as the [...]
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Facts About the U.S. Interstate System

The U.S. Interstate runs across 46,876 miles across the 50 states – that’s a lot of prime real estate for road signs. On roads with so many vehicles going at faster speeds, it’s more important than ever to abide by road signs to ensure safety of drivers. These signs tell drivers how fast to drive, where to turn, if lane merging or construction up ahead, and more. At Parking and Traffic Supply, we offer all things traffic safety. For this article, we just wanted to share some fun and friendly facts about the U.S. Interstate System that you may not [...]
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Why Do Speed Limits Vary State to State?

Have you driven through multiple states and noticed that the speed limits change? In some states, they are higher, while in others, the limit is reduced. Why is that?  Well, the answer isn’t perfectly clear, because there can be several contributing factors to what a certain roadway was assigned a specific number. One reason is that road classification matters in determining speed limit. Road classifications can vary state to state, but overall, there are three main types of roadways: Arterial, Collector, and Local. Arterial roadways have the highest speeds and have few access points; this would be an expressway/interstate/highway with [...]
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The History of Traffic Signs

Can you imagine a world without road signs? In today’s world, you can barely drive a few feet without seeing some sort of traffic or parking sign. From “yield” and “one way” signs to “right turn only” and “no bicycle” signs, our world is filled with regulatory traffic signs and parking signs that are posted to make our time on the road safer. Believe it or not the earliest road sign can be tracked back to around 27 BC, these signs were milestones for travelers. The Romanians erected stone columns throughout the Roman Empire to show distance to Rome. By [...]
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Keeping Your Road Crew Safe

Good help is hard to find! Don’t lose them needlessly due to preventable accident or injury. Working on and in roadways can be dangerous, especially in these days of distracted driving. People drive tired, rushed, texting, talking on the phone, eating, paying attention to passengers, changing radio stations, even watching movies. If it detracts from watching where you are going? Someone is likely doing it. So what does that mean for you if you happen to own or work with a road crew? Proper signage as well as proper clothing and gear is vital. You need to be easily visible [...]
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