Flexstake “Flat” Soil/Ground Mount Delineator

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These Flexstake “Flat” Soil/Ground Mount Delineators are multi-purpose channelizers that are ideal for hi-traffic, hi-impact locations. Highly durable and suitable for both public and private roadways.

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These multi-purpose, channelizers are ideal for hi-traffic, hi-impact locations. Unlike the tubular soil mount delineator, these flexible posts have a flat profile and are recommended for use in locations to guide 2-way traffic on both public and private roadways. These highly durable soil/ground mount posts can withstand repeated abuse and will outlast any competitive alternative.
Ideal For: Interstate on/off ramps, roadway shoulders, private roadways, temporary parking lots, and to mark underground utilities


***Please email or call for custom quote over 50 units***

  • Sizes available: 30″, 36″, and 48″
  • Colors Available: Yellow, White, Orange, Blue, Green, and Red
  • NTPEP tested and certified
  • Multiple vehicle impacts at 55 MPH
  • Can be anchored into: grass, dirt, and soil quickly and easily
  • Flexible hinge is hi-density, all-weather polymer
  • Made from post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Install with basic post hole digger or auger.
  • Standard lead time: 3-4 days


Weight 2.5 lbs


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