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Facts About the U.S. Interstate System

The U.S. Interstate runs across 46,876 miles across the 50 states – that’s a lot of prime real estate for road signs. On roads with so many vehicles going at faster speeds, it’s more important than ever to abide by road signs to ensure safety of drivers. These signs tell drivers how fast to drive, where to turn, if lane merging or construction up ahead, and more. At Parking and Traffic Supply, we offer all things traffic safety. For this article, we just wanted to share some fun and friendly facts about the U.S. Interstate System that you may not [...]
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The Importance of Safety Equipment on the Job

In 2014, 4,821 workers were killed on the job, according to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  One out of five worker deaths were in constructions. These deaths were the results of falls, electrocution, falling object, hit by object, and getting caught or stuck in between equipment or objects. Although worker deaths in America are continuing to decrease, sometimes complacency on the job can still result in serious injuries, as well as accidents. It’s important and vital to practice as many safety methods as possible to protect oneself. At Parking & Traffic Supply, we have dedicated a portion [...]
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Traffic Facts You May Not Know

Traffic, especially when it’s during a commute, seems to be the bane of our existence. With an increasing population, there’s more than ever. With that said, it’s important for people to follow traffic signs and devices to avoid getting into accidents. There’s already plenty of stress that comes along with driving in crowded roads, you don’t need an accident to add to it. At Parking & Traffic Supply, we wanted to share with you some interesting facts we’ve gathered about this topic. Sadly, these facts can’t make traffic disappear, but it explains a lot of what you experience on a [...]
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Safety in a School Zone

Each year, around 100 children are killed in the United States on their commute to-and-from-school. What’s even more shocking is 25,000 students are injured from incidents within school zones! A major factor of these accidents is people ignoring speed limit signs in school zones. But, what is a school zone? A school zone is the area with marked crosswalks along routes to schools and streets that are next to a school. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Authority, fifty percent of the children killed in transportation crashes are between five and seven years old. It’s important that drivers follow [...]
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The Benefits of Using A Flexible Delineator

When people think of traffic devices, the images of a traffic cone or barricade come to mind. But what about a flexible delineator? You probably know what these look like, but may have no actually known their name. They’re thin, tubular rods that are usually orange, yellow, or white in color. They’re used to delineate traffic merging onto a highway or to manage traffic flow within a parking facility. They play a critical role in road safety, and have proven to be very effective, even in poor weather and at nighttime. In the world of traffic devices, flexible delineators are [...]
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