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Interesting Facts About Traffic Signs

Whether you’re on a back road or a highway, you know you’ll be cruising by several traffic signs a long the way. And since most Americans spend a lot of time in the car, they see and respond to endless traffic signs in their life time. Although technology has improved the way we get around (GPS systems), we still find ourselves relying on the traffic, road, and parking signs around us to show us where to go, how far we have left to go, where to turn, what the speed limit is, if there is construction up ahead, and more. [...]
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Ticketed for parking in a no parking zone?

If you are the owner of an establishment or property that has no parking zones, reserved parking spots or handicapped parking spaces you know that not everyone abides by the rules, marked or not. Areas designated are done so for a reason. Handicapped parking spots are closer to the entrances as customers with disabilities may have a difficult time walking. No parking zones often are loading and unloading areas needed to make the business operational, and reserved spots are there for owners and others that need to be there for daily operations. Sooner or later proprietors end up using a [...]
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Keeping Your Road Crew Safe

Good help is hard to find! Don’t lose them needlessly due to preventable accident or injury. Working on and in roadways can be dangerous, especially in these days of distracted driving. People drive tired, rushed, texting, talking on the phone, eating, paying attention to passengers, changing radio stations, even watching movies. If it detracts from watching where you are going? Someone is likely doing it. So what does that mean for you if you happen to own or work with a road crew? Proper signage as well as proper clothing and gear is vital. You need to be easily visible [...]
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Top Benefits of Bone Safety Signs

For more than 33 years, Bone Safety Signs has been one of the leading manufacturers and producers of temporary traffic safety signs throughout Canada and the United States. Bone Safety Signs puts safety above everything else, and is dedicated to helping you grow your business while keeping both your customers and employees safe at all times. Listed below are just a few of the many reasons the traffic and safety signs from Bone Safety Signs beat out the competition every time: Bone Safety Signs comply with all ANSI specifications set for traffic and roadside safety devices. Per regulations, all Bone [...]
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