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Why Do Speed Limits Vary State to State?

Have you driven through multiple states and noticed that the speed limits change? In some states, they are higher, while in others, the limit is reduced. Why is that?  Well, the answer isn’t perfectly clear, because there can be several contributing factors to what a certain roadway was assigned a specific number. One reason is that road classification matters in determining speed limit. Road classifications can vary state to state, but overall, there are three main types of roadways: Arterial, Collector, and Local. Arterial roadways have the highest speeds and have few access points; this would be an expressway/interstate/highway with [...]
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Safety in a School Zone

Each year, around 100 children are killed in the United States on their commute to-and-from-school. What’s even more shocking is 25,000 students are injured from incidents within school zones! A major factor of these accidents is people ignoring speed limit signs in school zones. But, what is a school zone? A school zone is the area with marked crosswalks along routes to schools and streets that are next to a school. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Authority, fifty percent of the children killed in transportation crashes are between five and seven years old. It’s important that drivers follow [...]
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Keeping Your Road Crew Safe

Good help is hard to find! Don’t lose them needlessly due to preventable accident or injury. Working on and in roadways can be dangerous, especially in these days of distracted driving. People drive tired, rushed, texting, talking on the phone, eating, paying attention to passengers, changing radio stations, even watching movies. If it detracts from watching where you are going? Someone is likely doing it. So what does that mean for you if you happen to own or work with a road crew? Proper signage as well as proper clothing and gear is vital. You need to be easily visible [...]
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Staying Safe During a Breakdown

If you have ever had your car breakdown on the side of a road you know it is a frustrating situation. If it happens on a major road or busy highway the situation becomes even worse. Frustrating can merge into downright dangerous. Your car or truck may be impeding the flow of traffic and be in danger of being hit, even if pulled off to the edge of the road, if dark outside visibility is limited and flashing hazard lights often cannot be seen until you are right up on the vehicle. If you get a flat tire, often times [...]
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Top Benefits of Bone Safety Signs

For more than 33 years, Bone Safety Signs has been one of the leading manufacturers and producers of temporary traffic safety signs throughout Canada and the United States. Bone Safety Signs puts safety above everything else, and is dedicated to helping you grow your business while keeping both your customers and employees safe at all times. Listed below are just a few of the many reasons the traffic and safety signs from Bone Safety Signs beat out the competition every time: Bone Safety Signs comply with all ANSI specifications set for traffic and roadside safety devices. Per regulations, all Bone [...]
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