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Facts About the U.S. Interstate System

The U.S. Interstate runs across 46,876 miles across the 50 states – that’s a lot of prime real estate for road signs. On roads with so many vehicles going at faster speeds, it’s more important than ever to abide by road signs to ensure safety of drivers. These signs tell drivers how fast to drive, where to turn, if lane merging or construction up ahead, and more. At Parking and Traffic Supply, we offer all things traffic safety. For this article, we just wanted to share some fun and friendly facts about the U.S. Interstate System that you may not know about.

  1. The states set speed limits to 55 mph on the Interstate back in the 1970s. The states were pressured into this speed limit number by the Emergency High Energy Conservation Act; if states didn’t comply with the figure of 55mph, they would lose federal highway funding.
  2. The red, white, and blue shield-shaped signs that showcase Interstate numbers are in fact trademarked by the American Association of State Highway Officials. The design was selected in 1957 from a national design competition.
  3. The U.S. Bureau of Public Records and Congress took 17 years to get the funding for the idea of the interstate. The idea received funding in 1956 for the non-tolled system.
  4. Every state is responsible for enforcing traffic laws and maintaining the roads within the state.
  5. Numbers for interstates and highways cannot be the same in the same state.
  6. One of the purposes of interstates is to help give people the ability to evacuate from major cities if needed.

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