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Cars are in a traffic jam during a beautiful golden sunset in a big city.

Traffic Facts You May Not Know

Traffic, especially when it’s during a commute, seems to be the bane of our existence. With an increasing population, there’s more than ever. With that said, it’s important for people to follow traffic signs and devices to avoid getting into accidents. There’s already plenty of stress that comes along with driving in crowded roads, you don’t need an accident to add to it. At Parking & Traffic Supply, we wanted to share with you some interesting facts we’ve gathered about this topic. Sadly, these facts can’t make traffic disappear, but it explains a lot of what you experience on a daily basis.

New, and more, lanes don’t mean less traffic – You would think a new lane would reduce the amount of cars substantially on the road, as the traffic is now spread out. But surprisingly it doesn’t. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, the amount of traffic was found to go up with the addition of new roads or lanes. The theory is: When it’s easier to get somewhere, more people will travel.

Charging people reduces traffic – Some cities have begun to charge people for using certain roads. Because of this, people have started to carpool, bike, use public transit, or walk to get where they’re going. In turn, this reduces traffic.

Billboards change people’s driving – Studies have shown when billboards are on the road people spend less time paying attention to the road and drivers around them. It was also found that people are more likely to remember the billboards they pass than traffic signs.

Parking meters were created to control traffic – This one may surprise you. When they were first introduced in Oklahoma City in 1935; the city’s purpose in implementing these meters was to keep people from parking on the side of the street all day, which would give pedestrians better access to stores and encourage people to use public transit. When they did this, congestion was better, people could get to stores and businesses easier, the city received money for any improvements, and jobs were added (parking regulations).

Other facts:

Jams help create the layout of a city
It only takes a few minutes for cars to halt because of one person who has stepped on their brakes.
There’s up to 17 percent more accidents in the few days following Daylight Savings Time

Unfortunately, you will always have to deal with traffic, but you can do it safely. Traffic signs are put in place for a reason. If you’re looking for street signs or devices to make a road or area safer, visit Parking & Traffic Supply’s page here. Parking & Traffic Supply is the leading manufacturer of federally and state specified traffic and parking signs. To contact them, click here or call 239-464-6121.

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