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Is It Illegal to Own Traffic Signs?

I bet you knew someone who had a few stolen traffic signs in their bedroom when you were growing up. Or maybe, it was you that had a collection going! Or maybe, you remember (and still read) news articles about streets missing a sign here or there from some mischievous teens. With all the news of stolen street signs, many people think it’s actually illegal to own one. This is actually false. You CAN own a street sign

It’s legal to own a street sign, but a person must obtain them legally like at Parkingandftrafficsupply.com. Manufacturers have basically an unlimited stock of official street signs or traffic signs for you to choose from.

People often want street, parking, or traffic signs for decoration in their home. Popular signs people would like to have include “Do Not Enter,” “Men Working,” “No Parking Any Time,” “One Way,” speed limit signs, “Wrong Way,” and more.

Although you can buy street signs, parking signs, or traffic signs online, the city or town or state you live in have laws against you hanging up signs on public property or government property like stop signs, lamp posts, and other public, street posts. If you want to hang up a sign outside on your property, if you want to be sure of the rules of your state, you could contact an attorney or official from the city to see what is allowed and what is not.

It isn’t illegal to buy and hang up a sign, in most cases, on private property, but remember, people aren’t obligated to follow them. Although for safety reasons, it’s always smart to follow traffic signs they are there for a reason.

If you’re looking to buy a traffic sign or a parking sign for a construction site, a site on public property, or maybe just decoration in your home, visit Parking and Traffic Supply, a website that offers all traffic-safety products. This company offers the best traffic signs and devices on the market today. To view traffic signs, click here or call 239-464-6121.

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