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Safety Cone Usage

Did you know there’s many reasons and ways to use traffic safety cones? Although they are commonly used and seen at work construction sites, they are used by a variety of different organizations within the community.  When you think of a traffic cone, you probably associate them with being a traffic control device, but they are used increase overall safety in other ways. From construction sites and crowded streets to hallways and school zones, traffic cones are used everywhere, indoors and outdoors.

Traffic cones are durable, portable, and great at catching someone’s attention with their bright orange color. Their job? Keeping hazards at bay. Here are some of their daily uses:

Controlling the flow of traffic – This is the most common way traffic cones are used. The cones warn traffic about possible road obstructions ahead and can create/designate new lanes during construction on a road.

Warning for Hazards and Danger – When a person sees traffic cones, whether they’re in a vehicle or on foot, they know to proceed the area with the cones with caution. Something up ahead or surrounded by the cones is usually hazardous or dangerous, so people need to be as careful as possible when near it.

Blocking areas – Cones can be used as a barrier to keep people out of certain restricted areas. Concerts, parks, zoos, and stores all use cones to keep visitors or outside people away from an area they should not be in. Police offers will often use cones during big events like concerts, festivals or sporting events to block off areas or move traffic in ways they need it to go around the event.

Being Used as Exercise Equipment – Smaller traffic cones can be used by fitness centers, gyms, and schools during workouts and exercise drills. The cones can be used at start and finish markers and create lanes for people to run through.

If you manage a construction crew or site or work at a school or event venue, it is in your best interest to invest in some traffic cones to properly deal with traffic (vehicle or pedestrian) to enhance safety. For roadside and traffic supply needs, including traffic cones, contact Parking & Traffic Supply at 239-464-6121 or click here to view all traffic safety products.


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