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Interesting Facts About Traffic Signs

Whether you’re on a back road or a highway, you know you’ll be cruising by several traffic signs a long the way. And since most Americans spend a lot of time in the car, they see and respond to endless traffic signs in their life time. Although technology has improved the way we get around (GPS systems), we still find ourselves relying on the traffic, road, and parking signs around us to show us where to go, how far we have left to go, where to turn, what the speed limit is, if there is construction up ahead, and more.

Below, we’ve shared some interesting facts about traffic signs that you may not know.

  1. Traffic Signs Are Consistent Nationwide – If you’re moving across states or taking a road trip across the country, rest assured that all the traffic signs WILL look the same, so you won’t have to overthink the words or signs you’re reading. From Maine to California, all highway traffic guide signs are green with white lettering, parking signs are white with green letters, and all warning signs are yellow with black lettering.
  2. The Interstate Numbering System Can Help Find Your Way Around – The numbering on Interstate systems is methodical. Even-numbered, one or two-digit interstates are east/west routes; the numbers increase as you go south from north. Odd-numbered, one- or two-digit interstates are north-south routes, which have numbers that increase from west to east. Three-digit interstates will always connect to other major highways.
  3. The Position of a Road Sign Can Tell You Where an Exit Is – If the exit number is aligned on the right of the exist sign, the exit will be on the right of the highway. If the exhibit number is aligned with the left, the exist will be on the left.
  4. Stops Signs Are Octagonal in Shape Because It Was Cheap – The U.S. Government chose to make a stop sign an octagon because it was a cheap shape to make, along with it being different from all the other square- and rectangular shaped signs out there.


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